Hello friends today’s topic is success how can we get success and what is the reason for not getting success To be successful, first of all we need to have patience and we should also have knowledge, no matter what field whatever we want to sing, want to become dancing, want to do whatever we want to do, for that feel, we have to have a little knowledge and knowledge about it. now there are two musicians If you want to become a singer then you should know about it and never go to become a singer when you go for your happiness when music is not your career but your life, any profession you want to start is yours. Goes to make a career and for money Everyone loves to sing the song for him neither nor ever hobby he sings it because he likes to sing because music is his life so sings Therefore, whenever you want to be successful in any profession or field, then you should start taking it for your career, rather start thinking of your life that this is my life, this is what I have to do, I have to do this, only then we will be successful.

Keep your heart calm.

When she left me  So I was very broken I didn’t want to live because of that I got panic attack and I went into coma meanwhile Rohan helped me a lot, my whole industry was handled by my whole business Rohan was in coma for 3 years and after that when  When I came to my senses, I saw my own best friend Kabir standing beside me, who cured me, I was very happy and sad too because of me someone was upset because of me, my friend is so worried about me, I never thought that I  Thanks for curing me but he told me that I didn’t do anything I didn’t cure you my son Rohan then I cured Rohan I told neither my friend’s son who doesn’t want to be a doctor like his father nor  He wants to take care of his hospital, he wants to become a businessman like me and he manages half of my business even if he becomesHe handled my business very well. I felt very happy, I do not know what to call myself lucky or unlucky because those who were my own, those who loved me left me, left this world forever like my wife and mine Daughter, my wife stayed with me for 3 years and then God got ready and my daughter stayed with me for 25 years and then she also became dear to God, what can be the biggest sad thing for me and happy luck because my own Friend, my own friend’s old man, he is not my own, I am talking about Kabir and Rohan, even though I am not my own, she is not less than my loved ones, those who are sad in my sorrow and happy in my happiness

Keep your heart calm.

That’s all! He was thinking while going to the office, was thinking how is the luck, who is loved the most, who is not in this world today, people say forget, go ahead but it is so easy to forget those with whom we lived for so many years, all this Rahul goes to the office. I was thinking that how it is so easy to forget that whose existence was there for 25 years, with whom we cried while playing with laughter, whom we have touched so much for so many years, today death has certainly erased their existence. Did he die forever Death has wiped out his existence, but sometimes he was there or sometimes he was only then we love him, we spent so many years with him, played with him, played with him, our world revolved around him and today we know him Forget it, it may happen that we are not saints, we are human beings, God says that I cannot come everywhere, that’s why I made parents, made brothers and sisters, made husband and wife, made children, but what is needed is only him, people say That God calls good people to Him I would like to say to God that good people are needed only by you, not on us, but you sometimes say that If you have made humans for us, then why do you snatch them from us, why do you leave us alone, Rahul was thinking all these things while going to the office, in his mind we are a mere human being, there is no god who can be happy and sad. Do not realize that we are those ordinary people who cry in sorrow and laugh in happiness, now even God himself says that I have created happiness and sorrow for you, then enjoy them, I have enjoyed very little. He kept me sad in my life, I am angry with him, but now I will live for those who are living for me

Keep your heart calm.

So let’s start the story, this is the story of a 50 year old businessman Rahul Mehra, today Rahul Mehra is going to his office sad sad he is thinking what he is thinking I tell him he is thinking today it has been 5 years Kavya I don’t know how I am living dead Diya fix me Rohan now you will ask who Rohan is my friend’s son, my friend is my companion, my everything is childhood friendship, our son Rohan is my friend’s name Kabir Kabir is a doctor by profession and under his supervision I am fine But more than that, his son Rohan took care of me like a mother, he is a boy like my son, he is not related to me, but he is not less than a cousin, and there was only one quarrel in him and it used to happen. Where Kabir goes that he takes care of his hospital, he wants to be a businessman like me and he is also made for so many years when I was in coma When it happened, he took care of all my business and along with him he took care of me like a son, then my attention went to Kavya, we had a 25-year-old relationship, and today he leaves me and leaves me alone. Kavya is none other than my daughter, 5 years ago I was about to marry her and she was coming from abroad after shopping for the wedding, so there was a car accident, she did not die but after being admitted to the hospital, she did not recover at all. Slowly he got sick, don’t know how Kabir said that he has got an infection, because of this it will be difficult to save him and thus my daughter left me and went on forever

Apple pie smoothies

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Start up

Hi friends I have come.  Now I am going to start rewriting I am very fond of writing but till now I was a little confused I did not understand what to do I am very fond of writing stories so from today I will write stories and whatever is new  He can join me to hear the stories and I am sure you will like my story. My story will be like a noble one. But I will not let you get bored every time. With every new interest, I will bind you in the story.  Rakhoongi so let’s start a new story My story is named Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Aaye, this is the story of a man who is about to turn 50, it hasn’t happened yet and he is a very big businessman, this is a fictional story written by me.  There is no copyright from anywhere because somewhere people told me that some things are my copyright, so whatever I have sent or put copyright in it, I have given their link and not put my link, but now whatever stories I will write.  written by me is my own made so if you have interest to read stories then start  I have come with new stories, I will not speak much else, you read and tell how my story is